The simplest way to run Orbot to computers

Nowadays, Orbot is becoming more and more popular.

People in the modern world have to face not only the theft in real lives but also on the Internet, who are hidden and waiting for a good chance to attack and steal all your personal information for their illegal purposes. This wonderful app is created to protect the users from that kind of crime.

The app focuses on the main functions that keep your data secret from hackers. It also offers some great and unique features that you are difficult to find in other VPN services.

In the beginning, it was created for the mobile phone version only. Nevertheless, we find the best way to help you with installing without special skills. Let’s read the next part to see how.

Main functions


Orbot for a PC is evaluated as one of the most efficient VPNs that can secure the users’ data. It has many functions that will impress you, but the most attractive one is it uses Tor as a tool to encrypt the Internet traffic for themselves. Consequently, no hacker, even the best one is impossible to steal your personal information for their bad purposes. Besides, you can freely customize it by using various different ways such as personalized the application’s list in which it can help you with navigating the proxy.

If you care much about the browser and have some basic information about it, you will know clearly about the function of the Tor browser. It offers the Internet geeks so that no one can see it anymore, it totally disappears on the Internet. Therefore, we guarantee that all your personal data is the thing that you are the only one to know that unless you give it to another person.

Every time you turn the VPN on, you will receive the transparent proxy that will redirect to the connection of yours to the Tor network. After that, your IP will be filtered by another IP. Now we guess that you understand the main function of it and know for sure that your privacy is totally safe, right? You can surf the Internet freely without getting any error if you use the Orbot.

Highlight features

  • It is so straightforward and easy to install.
  • The encryption is high with the Tor network.
  • The bandwidth is limited and the browser has a higher speed.
  • IP is easily getting filtered so that no one knows your location and browser.
  • By using this browser, all your personal data like the identity will be secured.

How to download

Since there is no way to download it from the official website, you have to use one emulator to make it available on your PC. Though there are many emulators on the Internet, in this article, we will recommend the users to use Bluestacks which have many highlight features. Here are the steps:

  • First, you should download the Bluestacks from the official website of it.
  • Second, log in to your Gmail account on the emulator you have just installed.
  • Third, look up to the search box and type the name of the app you want, Orbot.
  • Fourth, install it as you find the right icon, and then enjoy the app.

Those steps are so straightforward that you will not need to have any special skills about computers to run the Orbot.

In short

If you search on Google, you will see a lot of VPN available but only a few of them have the value. This browser Orbot is included. We hope that we give you enough necessary information that can help you with installing it with trouble-free.