Plant In A Jar Mod 1.16.5

If you are a person who loves decoration in Minecraft games, you should not ignore the mod Plant In a Jar Mod 1.16.5. This mod will allow you to decorate your house in Minecraft world at will. Download the mod now to have your own interesting experience.

About Plant In a Jar mod

Thanks to this mod, you won’t need to consider building an agricultural farm in an unfamiliar location. With the addition of a glass cage (Jar), ‚Äč‚Äčthis mod will help you protect and maintain your crops. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the effort you put into farming that could be threatened by external factors.

It is clear that this mod will bring a whole new approach not only for plant maintenance but also for farming under extreme conditions. Moreover, thanks to the newly added features, players can plant plants indoors for decoration or resource gathering purposes. The living space around you will be greatly improved thanks to this mod.

In terms of structure, each Jar will have two parts, one for placing the base blocks (Soil, Sand, Grass) and another for placing the plants you want. That is why it is completely possible to place plants in the garden or indoors for decoration or to gather resources without any restrictions.

To start with this mod, you need to create a Plant Jar – the block used to grow your plants and automatically harvest by combining 7 Glasses and 1 Iron Ingot. Then all you need to do is put the crop you want to plant in it with the right soil. If you have an inventory under the Plant Jar, it will also automatically harvest and replant the tree for you. Obviously thanks to this mod, the operation of your game will be much simpler.

Plant In a Jar Mod is really a useful mod for those who are a fan of Minecraft. Please download and install Fabric Modloader and Fabric API first to experience the features that this mod brings to you


How to install:

Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
Locate the minecraft application folder.

  • Open Run from the start menu.
  • Type %appdata%, click Run.

Input where Plant In A Jar mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods name folder.
When you open Minecraft, click the button mods, you see the mod is installed.

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