LunatriusCore Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

LunatriusCore Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2 collects everything that all other mods from its author will need to use. It actually does not carry out anything on its own.

About LunatriusCore

According to the information above, we can say that the present mod is the library for mods of Lunatrius.

It’s a release that those creations require you to download and install so they can run in 1.7.2 or later.

It has the core shared classes useful for every mod from the collection of Lunatrius.

Minecraft will crash if you don’t set it with any of the other mods.

Meanwhile, LunatriusCore – an API and Library mod will ask you to get and establish Minecraft Forge so it can work. It’s easy for you to add the current version to any of the mods in your mod pack. That can happen as long as the pack is free (private or public).


How to install:

Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
Locate the minecraft application folder.

  • Open Run from the start menu.
  • Type %appdata%, click Run.

Input where the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods name folder.
When you open Minecraft, click the button mods, you see the mod is installed.

LunatriusCore Mod Download Links

Minecraft Mod 1.12.2
Minecraft Mod 1.11.2
Minecraft Mod 1.10.2
Minecraft Mod 1.17.10