All the content you read, are reading and will read in the past, present and future on this website is submitted to modspc by emails or other places on the Internet and trusted to be in the domain. The content we are talking about in this article consists of images and videos that are believed to be uploaded to the website within the rights we have based on the United States Copyright Fair Use Act (DMCA). This website has the DMCA, which stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  That is the policy that is used to take adequate and actions, respond to many different dissolution notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or the congenial rational property acts. All readers browse our website mean that they agree with GDPR since we agree with it as well.

If the contributors or the authors’ copyrighted components have shared their writings on our website or every time the links to the copyrighted components involved on the Internet or the search engines, and one day you want to remove it, you have to give us the details about the information listed in the below part. Please note that you will be constrained for attorney’s fees and expenditure if you do not do that on this website which is infringing on the copyrights. We give you the advice that you should contact an advocate or attorney for legal assistance first.

The below factors must be included in the copyright infringement claim:

1. Give us the prooves of the authorized person who is on behalf of the owner of the right which is allegedly infringed.

2. Give us the detailed contact that we can contact you like your valid email address.

3. You have to identify in the details that the copyrighted work claims in order to get infringed and consisting of one or more than two search result that shows the fact that the materials appear in

4. A statement in the notification has to be accurate under the penalty of perjury which the complaining side is authorized to act on the behalf of the legal owner of the link or post of an exclusive right which you see that it is allegedly infringed.

5. A statement which the complaining side believes that someone uses the material without permission of the copyright owner or the law of the Government.

6. The authorized person has to sign on the behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is believed to be allegedly infringed.

Through Contacting us, send to us the infringement notice.

Please be patient to wait for around one or two weeks for a response from us. One more notice is that you complaining email to other sides like the Internet Service Provider will delay the response from us.

modspc’ has struggled against the DMCA circumvention provisions in Congress, Courts, and other forums. We always want to guarantee the DMCA secured harbors shelter creativity and novelty.