Everyone can install the Tap VPN to computers

At least one time in a lifetime, most of the people who use the Internet have to face some serious problems that they cannot solve by themselves. Let the Tap VPN appear on your PC screen as the best solution.

Though you are on Earth which has more freedom than wars and the continuous development of technology, it does not mean that you stop facing the restrictions from the Government in accessing certain websites and apps.

For example, if you are in India, you cannot access Tik Tok. In China, there is no way to use the official Facebook, Twitter, and much more. That is one of the annoyances when surfing the Internet for entertainment or knowledge, we know that. If you try to access it, it is not illegal so Tap VPN is created for its own reason.

You are banned from accessing many different types of content and websites based on the IP. They give no permission to it so that you have no way to take the information you need. The solution for it is you should change the IP. If you have fewer special skills in computers, it is a big problem. If you download this app, you will just be safe to use it.


Moreover, you will become invisible since this app hides the IP address of users so that no one, including hackers, cannot know where you are actually in to steal your personal information. This app has more advantages that you should read the whole text to get more valuable and helpful information.

Highlight features of Tap VPN for PC 

  • No one can track your history of the browser.
  • There are two available servers that both have high speed.
  • The design is neat and fashionable for people who have both standard and high aesthetics.
  • The interface is a friendly-user. It means that it requires just some basic skill computer to use that, so it is suitable for everybody of all ages.
  • If you upgrade this app to the premium version, you will receive the total number of 12 quick servers.
  • This app allows you to do many things for your own purpose by accessing all the apps, news, movies, and sites.


  • Your identity will not be visible to anyone, so your location online is.
  • Though the network as your place is not strong enough, this browser can still run at a high speed with the least interruption.
  • This is so simple that all the users can use it with no trouble.


  • The bandwidth is limited only to 1GB.

How to install the Tap VPN for PC

We have to tell you the bad news is that the developer of this browser released no official link to download it to your computer. Therefore, you have to use a mobile phone emulator on the computer instead of downloading directly. With our experience, we recommend three in hundreds of emulators which are really good and friendly to everyone.

Now let’s move to the below procedure to know the way to get  Tap VPN for PC. 

  • First, just choose one of three emulators and download from the official site: Bluestacks, KO Play, or Nox App Player.
  • Second, open the emulator you have just downloaded to your computer.
  • Third, in front of you, you will see the friendly interface to use. Log in to your Google account, type the name of the app, and find it in the search box of the emulator.
  • Fourth, if you type the name right, it will appear in the first place. Now just click to install it. Once you see it on your desktop, it means that you can use it now.

Those are all the steps to install the app on your computer and enjoy it.

In short

Tap VPN has both standard and premium versions. This app is so good that all your valuable personal information is private. Unless you give it to anyone directly, no hacker can find your status, interest, or anything about you. If you love the secret, this is the best alternative. Expectantly, this article has all the things you need to understand more about the wonderful app.