The quick way to install Talk a tone for Windows and Mac

The creation of this Talk a tone brings a lot of conveniences that the users can have a chance to call or send MMS or SMS without paying a penny.

More than a decade ago, people had to face the difficulty of keeping in touch with friends or family who lived far away from us because of the limitations of the means of communication. Today, everything has changed. This app is a communicating app that you can talk with friends, family members, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and others so much easier.

Talk a tone
Talk a tone

It was first released as an app for smartphones so that you will face no difficulty in downloading it directly from the store. Nevertheless, the way to have it on your PC is quite different since it has no official link on the website for you to access and download it every time you want. As a result, you ought to guarantee that you do not miss this text then you will find out how you can make it available on your PC while you cannot find its link on Google. Read the whole text now and find out the way to get the Talk a tone.

The overview

This Talk a tone allows you to make phone calls or send a text message without paying a penny, as long as your computer has connected to WIFI. If you use mobile data, it means that you have to pay money. It is also free on the amount of calling, texting, and multimedia SMS. It also allows you to choose anyone you want and create a group with them.

It is not only the domestic call that you can make but also those outside your country.

Why should you use Talk a tone?

Because of its great benefits, it should be available on your PC, so that you can do a lot of things on PC with no the scare that your smartphone can run out of battery. Besides, sending a message or making phone calls on the computer are also much easier and more convenient.

Highlight features of Talk a tone

  • When you first see and hear about that, maybe you should know about it with just a simple function. If you are curious enough to find out whether it is true, read the below lines:
  • It is free to make phone calls in the US and Canada.
  • You don’t have to use the plan but just make phone calls anytime you want.
  • Connect your computers to mobile data or WIFI and call,
  • If you have the Canadian or the US phone numbers, it is free to send SMS and MMS.
  • Your phone number can be changed every time you want.

How to install Talk a tone for Windows

 You should not worry too much and be disappointed if you find no link for the PC when you search on Google because now we will give you the hack to see it on your computer screen. Although it is a hack, it is still legal. You will need to download an Android emulator as the first and foremost step for this app to run.

  • First, you should download the Bluestacks or Nox App Player from the official website which plays a role as a phone base. Those are all good so you just choose as your preference or randomly.
  • Second, install it when it appears on your screen.
  • Third, log in to your Gmail account or Apple account on the emulator you have just installed.
  • Fourth, look up to the search box which is usually located on your left hand if you use Windows and right hand if you use Mac. And then, type the name of the app you want, Talk a tone.
  • Fourth, install it and wait for a few seconds before enjoying the app.

How to play 

When you have it opened, sign up your new account and then choose your phone number. It has many phone numbers that you can select, it is not only the first one that you have to choose. After using the first number for a while, you can change the phone number free on time only.

Ending note

In the previous time, you might experience a lot of different calling and texting apps available in the store. However, you still should try this became the Talk a tone has many great features that you will have to spend a long time to find the second one as good as that. According to many users of this app, they have evaluated this as the best communicating app that they have ever experienced. Through this article, we hope that you find enough necessary information to enjoy it completely.