Installing SuperLive Plus For PC Is Easy

This SuperLive Plus is a brilliant app that all the users should download to control and manage the IP camera right in your home.

Of course, you can choose a lot of similar apps that are available on the CH Play Store and App Store or you can search on the Internet. Nevertheless, not all of them can meet your requirements and show you a great performance like this wonderful and helpful app. This app has tons of features that will keep you and other members of your family safe.

SuperLive Plus
SuperLive Plus

The bad news is that the developers seem to have no plan to release the PC versions so that you need to know one trick to download it to your computer. Stick to this article and you will find out how to download it for PC by following the step by step guide. But before downloading it, you should know about its functions first.

Functions of SuperLive Plus

It has various features to show all its users great performance. It can record the videos which are taken from the camera in your house to the PC. If you have no time to watch it directly or wish to share it for others, you can save it to your computer just by following some simple steps and watching it later in your spare time. You may wonder about what kinds of cameras this SuperLive Plus for PC is compatible with. You should not be too anxious because it fits with most of the popular CC cameras.

One highlight function that will make you fall in love with it soon after downloading is that it gives you permission to watch the clips crystal. Thus, you can always see what is happening at your home although you are not there with no obstacle. Sometimes, you will not have enough time and energy to just keep looking at the screen all the time. One weird thing that usually happens is that when you keep your eyes on the screen, there will be no abnormal thing occurring. But after just a few seconds you keep your eyes off it, the bad thing may happen. To prevent this, the developers of this app added the alarm as well. If there is something wrong in your house, it will recognize quickly and alert you. It helps you to save lots of energy and time instead of keeping watching the screen.

Moreover, it has the PTZ control which stands for the Pan-Tilt-Zoom. It has the function that you can zoom in and out for a clearer view, especially to the details which are too small to see. You can view the camera with the portrait or landscape as you like. You can save all the videos for later watch on Cloud Storage so that it will never lose. It also allows the users to share via email quickly and conveniently. 

How to run SuperLive Plus

  • Download the Bluestacks to your computer from its official website. You can search easily on the Internet.
  • Login to the account on the phone emulator you have just downloaded.
  • Search the name of this SuperLive Plus.
  • Download and install it.
  • Open it to check the videos from the camera at your home.
  • Watch it now or save it to watch later.
  • Watch them any time you are free.
  • Save the videos to the Cloud Storage or share it for other members of your family through emails.

Bottom line

As you have acknowledged after reading the whole text about SuperLive Plus, even it has trouble for the first time you try to find it on the Internet. After having it on your computer, protect your whole family, and have a happy life.