The Samsung Internet Browser is available on PC

We decided to write this article about Samsung Internet Browser to inform all the Samsung’s fans that from now, you can use the app both on smartphones and PC.

Nevertheless, the PC version is not official from Samsung, we will show you a hack to make it appear on your computer. Of course, it is legal.

To other people that have no idea about this good browser, we still give you some more basic information for you guys. To all who are using Samsung smartphones, we advise you to read this as well. As a result, you can make use of all the features of benefits from it. In general, that browser is to avoid the users from disturbing advertisements, teaching, and malware.

Samsung Internet Browser 
Samsung Internet Browser

Why should you use this Samsung Internet Browser?

The most highlight reason is it guarantees to protect the privacy for the users. It also has some more amazing features to provide you. The anti-tracking system can recognize the abnormal site and automatically block them. Not only the site but if there is any content that may harm you or unnecessary from the third party or even the advertisements, it blocks or filters as well depending on different levels of harm.

If you use the 75 version, you will have the chance to receive the high delivery from its search engines. Moreover, it has other significant tools right on the app such as location settings, contacts, storage, or cameras.

Main features of Samsung Internet Browser for PC

This browser is worthy to download and share with your friends because it supports you to connect to the world by using a sophisticated procedure. The time to get the world’s news is now fast and reliable with unlimited capacities on the Samsung Internet Browser for PC.

The details are below so read it carefully to find out:

  • The process of it is the anti-tracking system which is sophisticated.
  • After downloading it, you will soon realize that it also has a private browsing tab.
  • There are many beautiful themes on the decorated tab manager.
  • You can choose to allow it to update your location or not.
  • It has used the updated Chromium 75 which plays a role as a new browser engine.
  • If you have a big worry that the third party can access history and steal some information such as your bank accounts, hobbies, interest, ID, password, and so on, you can block it just by one click.


  •  Is this app free?

It requires you to spend not a penny because it is totally free and a great open source for everyone to download and enjoy.

  • How can I use this app?

You have to download the phone emulator first and then install it on your computer.

  • What is it used for?

It is a default browser on the Samsung smartphones but now you can also use it on the computers.

  • Is this a good browser?

Yes, it is. Because it owns many amazing features such as high speed, content blocking, anti-tracking, and much more.

Ending note

There is one way to get the Samsung Internet Browser for PC is good news for everyone because of its great functions. After installing it, don’t wait for anything but enjoy it immediately and find out whether it has any difference between phone and PC versions. Expectantly this article provides you enough information that you need to know about this browser.