Using PlayStation Messages for Windows and Mac is simple

PlayStation Messages

The app we are going to introduce to you is named PlayStation Messages. As its name, you will send the text messages for all people you have added as a friend with no money. Thanks to this app, your connection will never be interrupted.

As you hear the name PlayStation, can you guess the developer of this app? Yes, it is a product of Sony, which is also the ‘home’ of popular PlayStation 3,4 and much more. Well, once you know the name of the developing company, you will feel more surprised because Sony’s strength is not the PC version, now you can have this app on your computer. If you think like that, you are so smart because Sony has never released any PC version though it can be the way to help it with increasing the revenue.

PlayStation Messages
PlayStation Messages

That is also the problem with this app since users all over the world are disappointed with the hurt decision of Sony since it has so many benefits to have it on a bigger screen device instead of just on the small screen of a smartphone. Furthermore, if you are talking with the opposite side in a deep conversation for a long time that cannot stop, you need a computer to type faster and a backup plan when your phone dies. You will not want to charge the phone and use it at the same time, won’t you? But now, you will not be sad anymore because we have one secret tip for you to solve that matter.

Why should you use PlayStation Messages?

Sony is a trusted company and has maintained that trust for decades, you know. Therefore, you will 100% believe that all the users’ personal information will be in secret. There will be no third party that can access and steal your data no longer for sure, even hackers who have special computer skills.

Besides, it is designed to bring a great experience for the users. For example, since it connects to 3 tabs such as favorites, messages, and friends. At the same time, you can send and receive messages as text from three tabs as well as the recorded dialogues. Furthermore, all your contacts and groups and messages are the secrets of yours.

One more reason why you should use the app is it has the contact stick to the PSN name, the avatar, and the sound network to let you know if your friends in your friend list are online or not. Thus, it is much easy and more convenient if you have the wish to chat with them and make the group for your own purpose.


  • The first and main feature is that it owns the IM based application.
  • It is connected with the PlayStation Network (PSN) and so that you can access the official app of PlayStation.
  • For the good network establishments, the pings and servers are strong enough.
  • You will have access to Friends, Favourites, and Messages.
  • It is so easy to make contact or some easy messages with voice clasps and stickers.

The method to run the PlayStation Messages for PC

The procedure to download it is very simple and straightforward that everyone can follow:

  • First, you will choose either Bluestacks or Nox App Player and install it to your PC by accessing the official website to get the link.
  • Second, click on the emulator which is now available on your PC to open it.
  • Third, log in to your Google account or Apple account depending on which kind of computer you are using.
  • Fourth, on this step, you will type the name of the app, PlayStation Messages, on the search bar.
  • Fifth, as you type the right name of it, it will appear right in the first result.
  • Sixth, you are almost done. Click on the install button located below the icon and wait for a while. If you see the icon appear on the Desktop of your screen, it means that you can use it now.

If you wonder about the reasons why you have to use the emulator app instead of getting the PlayStation Messages, let us explain a little bit for you. Actually, there does not exist any official link to download the PC version so that we have to give you some hacks. After reading the above process, we believe that you all feel simple because it is. Besides, once you have installed the phone emulator on your computer, you will be freely using other apps that have no official link like this,

In short

After finishing reading this article, we hope that you have enough information about the features and the way to get the PlayStation Messages. No matter which kind of computer you are using, you can freely chat and call with your family and friends whenever you want and all devices use the PC version and you will have fun with it.