The Fastest Way To Install NextPlus On Your PC

The NextPlus provides the users the outgoing and incoming calls with no fee.

More than 10 years ago, when the phone did not develop as fast and convenient as today, people had to spend a lot of money in order to call their friends and family when they were living in another country. They had to buy international phone cards and type the number on it and call. It required an Internet connection as well. Therefore, they cost a lot of money. Sometimes, you may want to talk to them but your credit cards and wallets were empty. Your connection was at the risk with the misunderstanding. The worst thing was that your relationship may be broken. The creation of this app is here to solve that matter.


As long as you and the opposite side have two computers that connect to the Internet connection, including Wi-Fi and mobile data, you guys can talk to each other from dawn to the end of the day.

This app is so great that you should stick to this article to find out its great features and the way to install NextPlus.

Main features of NextPlus

In this part, you will learn about its nice features:

  • The NextPlus is free to call and receive all the calls around the world.
  • The app is compatible with computers, mobile phones platforms, and tablets.
  • The 4G LTE is free.
  • If you have no Wi-Fi, you will have to use the mobile data which costs the fee. That is the only fee sometimes and besides that, there is no more hidden fee.
  • All the outgoing, incoming, and text are free so that you can call and send text whatever, whenever, wherever, and whoever you want. You even do it all day and it is still free.

How to run NextPlus 

You know, as first hearing about the app, you may guess that it was created for the phone in the beginning, if you think so, you are right. Since you cannot find the official link on the Internet for this NextPlus, you have to use a trick to download it to your computer. A trick here means that you will have to use a phone emulator which will create a virtual environment for your PC. To the simple meaning, it turns your PC into a smartphone. After that, you will do the next steps like you often do your phone. It is very easy so you don’t have to be anxious but follow the below steps strictly.

  • First, find the Bluestacks on its website which is a phone emulator to support the app to run smoothly on the computer. When you see it, click on the link and download it.
  • Second, open it and log in. And then type the name of this app, NextPlus, to find it on the search bar.
  • Third, when you type the right name, it will appear on the first result, click on it to install. While waiting for a few seconds, you can go and take a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Wrap up

After reading and following those simple steps, now you know how to install NextPlus f. We try a lot to give you the simplest instruction so we all hope that you can do it trouble-free and keep in touch with all your beloved ones without the obstacle of distance no longer.