The Way To Get The LandGlide For PC Windows

If you need a map, this LandGlide is completely suitable for you.

This app provides the users the property location as well as uses GPS to locate your existing location. Sometimes you may have to identify the current address for your own business. This one will help you.

How can it do that? The app will play a role as an assistant to find the land and information about property in all the places in this world. It gives you permission to access the location that has a parcel boundary and gives you some basic, necessary, and vital information whether the land or island is private property. It is super helpful since you can get all the information you want to know and its characteristics as well.


Why should you download LandGlide?

If you have a plan to find a rented home for yourself or family, a house for your new family, a property for a small island, or vital data for the business task, you are in the right place. Thanks to this one, you do not have to go out too much to find the information about the land or do the survey about them. You just stay at home, open your Windows. After that, you will connect your PC with the LandGlide to find what you need to know about. It helps you to save a lot of energy and time, reduces most of the risks of traffic jams, traffic accidents and you can stay at home to balance work and leisure time. Its form is just like you are working at home.

This is a must-have application to all the users who like hiking and farmers. You can trust it because it is so accurate for even the agents who are selling the raw lands and the buyers of the property. Thanks to this, you can locate all the places you want to.

Benefits of LandGlide

There are thousands of benefits that you should not skip before you download the LandGlide.

  • Do you want to shift your own house but know nothing about this area, use this app to find the data around the house you are going to own? If you say ‘yes’, you are reading the right article and this app is really a blessing app for you.
  • All the employees of one company can work together with the app because it allows many accounts to log in at the same time on different computers.
  • The borderlines of your place are now shown public with a clear vision and correct information.
  • You will not have to use too much time visiting many different websites or go around to find the raw lands no longer.
  • It has the offline mode that you can adjust to find the lands. Thanks to this amazing function, you still can find what you want even when your computer has no Internet connection. This is very useful because when you stay outside sometimes, it is not always easy to find a place that has Wi-Fi.
  • This app allows all the Real Estate professionals to search for any vacant house and then they will mark one pin to any place that they have a special interest in. Later, they will just spend a little time finding it again and use that information.

Main features of LandGlide

  • Accessibility: It has the offline mode that you can find accurate information about the land. Thus, you will not be anxious when you are outside and it is not easy to find the place where your computer can connect the network.
  • GPS Interaction: This is suitable for both personal and business use. The computer can connect with GPS and fix the present location right at the center.
  • Find Parcel Property: If you click on the blue button on the right corner of your computer screen of this LandGlide for PC, you can easily find the necessary information about the land. It offers the services for up to 600 countries and you will record the data of the typical parcel.
  • Multiple sign-ins: most of the Real Estate employees are always in urgent cases. They have to keep searching for the lands to have the sources for their customers to buy. If they use this app, all the colleagues can work together with one another on different computers and different accounts without affecting the works of anyone.
  • Single search bar: it is not only the location but also the necessary information that the buyers can get to know.
  • Visual Presentation: It appears again with different designs and logos that may make their customers fascinated.

How to download LandGlide

The good news is that from today users can use it not only on the phone but also on the computer as well. Although you cannot download it directly from the website you have typed the keyword to find, you can still use the phone emulator.

  • Step 1. You will have to choose and then download the phone emulator that you like when searching on Google or any other searching engine.
  • Step 2. You are required to log in to your Google account.
  • Step 3. Open the phone emulator you have just downloaded to your computer and type the name of this app, LandGlide, on the search bar.
  • Final step. You will now click on the icon to install. After that, you can click on its icon to open and enjoy it right on your PC.


  • Is this LandGlide for PC – Windows and Mac free?

Yes, it is free so that you will not have to spend a penny to download it.

  • Is this app accurate enough to use?

Most of the time it will be accurate, but the distance may have a difference of 3 to 4 feet compared to the real one.

Wrap up

In general, it is very easy to download this useful LandGlide even though the developers seem to have no plan to release a PC version. Thanks to that, all users will not have to waste your energy and time no longer but stay at your own home and search for the necessary information as you wish to know about.