How to Install iMiniCam 2020 for Windows

In this modern life, we cannot lack the software like this iMiniCam.

In order to live and work in a safe place is an essential need for all people.  We cannot work, live, or even exist in a dangerous place. When your minds are not well enough, there will be no success in your life in all aspects including family, careers, or colleagues. When you download this wonderful software to your PC, you will only stay in safe places but also monitor and control the events happening in the places which have the security cameras.


There is only one problem: it has no link on the website for you to download directly. That is also the reason we write this article, we try our best to find the simplest way to instruct you how to download and install the app. This is a trick but is legal because you will turn your computer to the phone and then download it the way you get used to doing on smartphones. This instruction is for both Windows And Mac.

Nevertheless, before downloading this app, you should know the definition of it first.

What is the iMiniCam For Windows?

This is an app that can help you with monitoring and controlling the security cameras at the office, company, home, or any other inside places. It has the function that allows you to watch the live feed and store the recorded videos in the cloud storage or local memory of your computer according to your preference.

It has tons of great features and advantages that you will be in in a short time. Thanks to the cloud storage, all your data can be saved immediately with the internet connection. All users have to do is focus on the Internet connection, the app will take care of the rest.

Benefits of iMiniCam For Windows

  • It can be able to connect with nearly all the IP cameras so that people will not worry to choose the brands to fit the app. Users are free to choose whatever you want which meets your requirements and the ability of your finance.
  • The interface is so friendly that even the non-technical user can use it without trouble. You know this one is very convenient because even the kids of the elderly can see what is happening in the house as long as they have a computer that connects to the Internet.
  • Users can select the option to record and then save the videos on the cloud which will no never suddenly disappear.
  • You can record the videos instantly and then save it to our computer first.
  • At some places that have a strong internet connection, you can see the live feed as well.

Highlight features of iMiniCam For Windows

In this part, users will learn about some main features of this incredible iMiniCam For Windows and then make use of it for your different purposes.

  • Compatibility

This software is compatible with nearly all devices and then connects to most IP cameras in the world through the Internet. Thus, a stable and fast Internet connection will be an assistant to give you permission to control the cameras easily through the app.

  • Availability

This iMiniCam For PC is available on both IOS and Android which is so helpful and convenient to the users. Although you are required to do one more step to download it successfully to the computer, just follow strictly the steps we give to you so everything will become easier and more simple.

  • Easiness

Thanks to the helpful and straightforward tools and features, it became one of the most well-known apps on both the App Store and CH Play Store until today.

  • Recording and storing

You can access the recording options to set the scheduled time in order to record. Besides, it has some more options to save the videos you have recorded before for later watch. As the default option, you can choose the cloud or local storage to save those.

  • Useful tools

The iMiniCam For Windows And Mac has a lot of helpful tools to support such as screenshots, two-way voice intercom, real-time recording, playback, and more.

The simple way to install iMiniCam

One more fact about this software is that you will not have it for PC no matter if you use Windows or Mac directly because there exists no official link on both the Internet and the website. Thus, you have to install the Android emulator such as Nox App Player or Bluestacks which will create a virtual environment for this app to run.

  • Download And Install the Android emulator according to your preference that you like when searching the search engine.
  • In this step, users will have to sign in to your Google account.
  • Open the phone emulator that you have just downloaded and typed the name of this software, iMiniCam, on the search bar.
  • Click on it to install. That is the end of the installation process, now users can click on its icon to open and enjoy it right on your Windows And Mac.


  • What is this iMiniCam For Windows And Mac?

This is the software that attracts thousands of people to monitor the IP camera in their house.

  • How can I reset the iMiniCam?

It is super easy because it just requires the pin to push the button and then hold it for five seconds. After that, your software will be reset.

  • Can I use it without connecting to the Internet?

Yes, you can. It supports both offline and online mode. One thing that you cannot know without the Internet connection is that you will not see the live feed until you turn the network on.

Wrap up

This incredible software called iMiniCam is a good way to manage whether there is any stranger coming to your house, any abnormal thing happens or the kids are in danger or not or they eat the meal on time and so on. Thanks to this software, you will have no anxiety any longer but can focus on your work when you are outside because you know that you can check the status of other members any time you wish to.