Install the Hangouts Dialer for PC step by step

Google was the company that created and developed the Hangouts Dialer, an app that allows you to chat and call anyone you want all over the world.

Its hometown is the US so no wonder it is popular in that country. Nevertheless, Google just focuses on the phone platform, it means that you will not see any PC version from the developer. It is the reason this article is written, to help all the users with learning how to install Hangouts Dialer.

Hangouts Dialer
Hangouts Dialer

Some people may say that they will be ok with using it on mobile phones. It is true, but what happens if your phone dies while making the conversations and you have no idea what to do to install it on your computer. It will be a big annoyance, especially if you are in an urgent situation or discuss the business with your colleagues. No one accepts the reasons that you don’t know how to run on the computer.

Your worry will disappear when you read the whole text to understand its benefits, features, and simple process to install the PC version.

Why do you have to use the Hangouts Dialer?

The outlook of this app looks professional and this is a good way to connect people from a long distance. You know in the flat world like today, if you refuse to use any contact transportation, it means that you died already. Besides, if your friends or family need anything, you may not help them in time, especially when your phone is out of battery. Therefore, learning how to install Hangouts Dialer to the computer is necessary.

It is not only the tool to connect people together but you guys can share some media such as video, image, or voice. If you know the name of its developer, we believe that you install it without hesitating. It was created by one of the biggest technology companies in the world and its name is Google.

Since that is the trusted company, it keeps your personal information so well that no hacker can’t find you, or even notice that you are actually existing in the world.

The biggest reason you should download this app to your computer is it will be more significant on the bigger screen of the computer. If you download this wonderful app, you will use the US landline totally free and experience a nice interface.

Main features 

  • The phone number that you can call is not limited, even if it is from other countries. The only requirement is 2 computers connected to the network.
  • While calling to the other side, you can mute the voice whenever you want so that he or she will stop hearing your voice but you still can hear them.
  • The calling is high quality so two sides can listen, speak, and see the images of each other clearly and quickly.
  • It can 100% repair the outbound ID of the callers and you will not worry about that but enjoy all the calls.
  • This app has been checked carefully before being launched to the public. That is the reason why you will face no interruption or bug throughout the videos or standard calls.
  • If you are a member of those who love the secret, you don’t want anyone to neither know your checking history nor phone number, you can hide it in just some simple clicks.


  • Can I learn how to install Hangouts Dialer for PC (Windows and Mac)?

Yes, you can. You will use it by downloading the phone emulator to your computer first.

  • Is this Hangouts Dialer for PC (Windows and Mac) safe?

Yes, this app is totally safe. It was created and developed by Google and the quality is high so that you can send the text, call safe and sound.

  • Can I call from the PC?

Yes, you can. You will call the same way with the traditional call. The important feature is that you have to make sure your Internet connection is strong enough so that the whole phone call will not be interrupted.

  • Is this app free?

Yes, no matter if you call it short or long, the opposite side is far or near you, it costs not a penny for all users.

In short

After reading the whole text, now you can install Hangouts Dialer for PC. What do you think about the app? The steps are so simple, isn’t it? This Hangouts Dialer is one of the best ways for you and your beloved ones to connect to each other every time you guys want and the distance is not an obstacle no longer. Since this app was created to keep in touch between people and people, you cannot use this app alone, so remember to ask your friends and family to install it on the computer with a lot of benefits.