How to listen to 6 FM Radio with no Internet 

You can now get all the news you want on the 6 FM Radio on Android.

We do not deny that the Internet is available in almost all places but to have it on the computer, you have to pay. This app is here to support you not to pay money but still get what you want.

In this article, you will give you a general study on 6 best radios that you can enjoy everywhere on this earth no matter if your device has a connection to the network or not. The first condition is not the network no more but your device still has full energy.

FM Radio
FM Radio

Radio the basic tool that has existed for a long time. You can do a lot of things on this app such as listen to music, news, listen to the advice about life, friendship, family, the love from the experts. It is not automatic but you can select which channel has your favorite program or simply because it is your favorite channel. Besides, it allows you to use it on many different devices.

  1. Radio FM-live station

The first kind we want to introduce to you is the Radio FM – Live Station.  This kind is all about music so you can choose it for the latest music or anytime you want to relax with music. This one is the one that you will have internet radio, free radio stations, and FM radio apps.

With this kind, the users can add their favorite music station to the favorite list. And then you can not only listen to music but also the latest news, and live sports wherever you are and whenever you wish.

Its category is various and you can choose many different music stations in different genres. Its range is wide enough that you can get the national and international channels at the same time. Just use it and you will freely listen to music, live sports, news, advice, and much more with no limitation.

Features of Radio FM – Live Station

  • It comprises multiple music stations that you can get without connecting to the Internet.
  • It has both national and international stations for users.
  • The genres of music are in different categories that you can choose as your liking.
  1. Free heart Radio Station

It contains both online and offline features so that you can access the music station conveniently and freely. This is a fast-spread app that can satisfy many people. Its stations are global so that you can access many channels offline. If you wish to listen more, you can download it to your music files on the computer and enjoy it any place you are and every time you have spare time.

Features of Free heart Radio Station

  • It is totally free of charge that everyone in the world can listen to the kind of music they want.
  • It has online and offline features so it has various versions of current apps.
  • Although it is not official for its loyal fans, it satisfies the users by giving them a tool to listen to your favorite kind of music.
  1. TuneIn Radio

This is a local FM radio app so that you can listen to the music, weather broadcast, news, and much more. Some national networks are CNN, CNBC, FOX News Talks, and MSNBC.

Download it now and you can access more than 5 million podcast programs available. It also has more than 1.000.000 FM radio stations around the world. If you upgrade it from the basic version to the premium version, you will have permission to access live sports matches, BBC News, and CNN as well.

Features of TuneIn Radio

  • The big feature is it is totally free.
  • It has more than 1.000.000 different stations which can satisfy the different requirements of users all over the world.
  • You can unlock more premium versions such as live sports, podcasts, weather forecasts, and many more.
  1. Next Radio-2 App

By offering 2 different ways of accessing this app, you can listen to both local and national stations on one app only. The sports broadcasting and news in your local area are also available.

If you want to listen to the limitless songs, go ahead and subscribe to this radio app. Of course, you can completely enjoy all kinds of music you want without paying.

Features of Next Radio-2 App

  • You should not skip this when you want to update all news and listen to music in your area or country because it allows you to listen to the local radio stations.
  • You can access the systems in 2 different ways in order to listen to local FM radio stations.
  • Without the Internet connection, you can save much battery power for your devices.
  1. Simple radio: live free radio and music

This is the fifth radio that we want to introduce to you in the list of 6 FM radio stations. It not only provides music but also sports, news, and permission to access other radio stations.

It has more than 50.000 FM radio stations all over the world. You can select your favorite category in the wide genres of it. Now you can be able to listen to live sports on this app.

It is very simple to operate. You just need to connect it with an auto tuner to get the news, the music, fashion, sports, and so on. If you desire, you can change the tune effortlessly.

Features of Simple radio

  • One more tool for you to listen to music as your hobbies and preference.
  • A device connected to a network can be an annoyance and an obstacle that prevents you from enjoying the music experience. This radio will stop it from now thanks to the free connection.
  •  It has the various genres that you can access to any station you wish at different times with different moods.
  1. New next video

Once again, this still needs no Internet connection to run and offers you a nice function that you can freely listen to the local stations on your computer. It is the upgraded version of the Next Radio app.

You will need headphones with a wire to use this. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Bluetooth speakers. As a result, you have to use a wire. By using this, you will not worry about the battery because it consumes less storage and less energy.

Features of New next video

  • It consumes less battery on your computer but you have to equip the headphone with its wire.
  • You can freely listen to the local area stations with some typical news about your living area.

We have just finished introducing you to 6 FM Radio.

Ending note

Expectantly that now you know the simplest way to listen to 6 FM Radio. This app is so helpful that you can listen to music, update news about your country and the world even when there is no network available on your computer. You should not miss this wonderful app.