The easiest way to run AnonyTun on your PC

The way to run AnonyTun Run will be shown in this article as a secret tip to make it available on your PC.

Nowadays, surfing websites become one of the popular things in this world, and people of all ages do it or they will be left behind. They surf the web for many different purposes such as updating news, listening to music, and watching videos. If you are an 18-year-old person and you live in a free country, you have nearly no difficulty doing whatever you want on the Internet. However, if you are not lucky like that, you will usually get trouble. This app is created for that reason.


By downloading this app, you will not care about any restrictions in the online world in your country no more.

The good news is that you can use it on both smartphones and PC no matter how long the distance you have been away from home, you can still get news from any websites and pages in this virtual world.

Read this text carefully and you will acknowledge basic information of its benefits and the simplest way how to run AnonyTun on any Operating System.

Why should you use this AnonyTun?

One essential feature is that you will own the basic VPN which guarantees your private connection and gives you permission to access all the online pages and websites on the internet.

This app contains all the features that can make sure that no hacker can find you because your name and location are hidden. There is one thing that a user usually faces is the disturbance of advertisements. It keeps popping up that you cannot focus on experiencing your favorite websites. This app will be a hero to protect you from that annoying element.

Key features of the AnonyTun for PC

  • This AnonyTun for PC makes sure to bring you a safe and protected feeling.
  • Just one click and you can use it for all the purposes.
  • The beginners will love its friendly-user interface.
  • No website is banned on this app.
  • You will charge not a penny since it is totally free for everyone.
  • The bandwidth is unlimited with the super high speed of downloading.

How to run AnonyTun on PC

Obviously, there is no difficulty in downloading it on your smartphones, both on IOS and Android platforms. On PC, you can also use it on Windows or Mac. Nevertheless, you will need to do one more step which is quite different from the way you do on smartphones: install the phone emulator. There are many great Android emulators that you can choose anything you like. In this article, we use Bluestacks because of its great benefit.

  • Step 1. The users are required to choose either Bluestacks or Nox which is the emulator and download it. If your computer has it already, you can skip step 1,2 and move to the third step.
  • Step 2. After running the emulator as you wish, you have to make sure that the Gmail account has been already on it.
  • Step 3. On the search bar of Bluestacks, you will type the name of this app, AnonyTun.
  • Step 4. When the icon appears in the first place, click on the install button which is located under the icon.
  • Step 5. Now you will wait for a few seconds. You don’t have to find any kind of entertainment to kill time because it will be quick. You will know the time the app is available on Windows or Mac when you see the icon on the desktop.

Ending note

Simplicity is the thing you realize after getting basic information about AnonyTun. You now have all the freedom after following our simple steps. There is not only freedom but security in the wonderful but complicated online world. Everything you want is in just one click.